Thursday, 3 December 2015

HP Inc's revenue from both its printer and PC businesses fell 14 percent each in the fourth quarter

Shares of HP Inc (HPQ.N), which houses former Hewlett-Packard Co's legacy hardware business, plunged 16.3 percent on Wednesday after the company's lacklustre results fuelled concerns about its ability to weather a slowdown in the printer and PC markets

HP Inc's revenue from both its printer and PC businesses fell 14 percent each in the fourth quarter, their worst performance in the year ended Oct. 31, and forecast current-quarter profit below market expectations.

"Things got worse. Not only did they not get better - they got worse," said Shebly Seyrafi, an analyst at FBN Securities.

HP Inc Chief Executive Dion Weisler called the printing business a "much greater challenge" than the PC business.

The company has been cutting printer prices to tackle stiff competition, particularly from Japanese printer makers Canon (7751.T) and Epson (6724.T).

However, the price cuts, coupled with the effect of a stronger dollar, have reduced the value of income from overseas markets.

"The unintended result is that we are not getting the yield per unit we would have expected," Weisler said.

Revenue from HP Inc's printer supplies such as ink cartridges and laser toner fell 10 percent this quarter. Supplies account for most of the profits for HP Inc.

HP Inc's PC unit has been suffering as sales have been falling worldwide for several quarters and the launch of Windows 10 has so far failed to rekindle the industry.

Meg Whitman, who heads Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (HPE.N), told CNBC on Thursday that the PC business will rebound in the next year or year-and-a-half.

Whitman, who previously headed the 76-year-old Hewlett-Packard Co, engineered the split of the faster growing corporate hardware and services businesses from the PC and printer business in October 2014.

"Ultimately I think (HP Inc), the way it's structured, it's going to be more of a sort of dividend yield play," said Jeffrey Fidacaro, an analyst at Monness, Crespi, Hardt, & Co Inc.

HP Inc's sibling, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, saw its shares rise as much as 8.5 percent on Wednesday, after it maintained its profit forecast for fiscal 2016. If You any problem regarding to HP printer kindly call our Hp printer customer support phone number our tollfree number is 1-866-606-2003

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Monday, 2 November 2015

How Dell is taking on Apple to 'make the PC cool again-2015

The company hopes that its XPS line of computers, which delivers higher-end features at a reduced price, can topple Apple.

If you think PCs have gone stale and Apple AAPL 1.30% is among the few companies doing something right in the computer market, you’re not alone.

In an interview with Fortune, Dell’s Frank Azor, general manager for the company’s XPS line of computers, acknowledges that “Apple was the first [computer vendor] to recognize that people will pay a premium price for a premium piece of technology.”

Indeed, Azor believes Apple has been successfully delivering “uncompromising (computers) for a long time” and has covered “a lot of ground” that PC vendors, including Dell, have been forced to “make up.” But according to Azor, whose company recently unveiled a new line of high-end XPS computers, Dell is now ready to “make the PC cool again.”

“We have become the first and only company to give Apple a run for its money,” says Azor, referring to his company’s XPS line. “We want to get the PC back to a place where it’s a product for customers, built for customers, and exceeds anything Apple and others have accomplished.”

Apple has long been considered the gold standard in innovative computing. The company has for the last several years offered high-end products at premium prices. Apple has also been among the first companies to experiment with new materials, like metals, and combine high-powered processors with a premium price. Meanwhile, Apple’s Mac sales have soared. During its last-reported fiscal third quarter, Mac revenue exceeded $6 billion worldwide. Four years ago, Apple’s Mac sales revenue stood at $5.1 billion.

Meanwhile, traditional PC vendors, including Hewlett-Packard HPQ 12.99% and Dell, were chasing a tired business model, Azor says. For decades, initial success for companies like Dell was built on making computers cheaper and therefore “more accessible to people around the world.”

“Then something happened around the 2006 time frame for the entire industry when we hit a ceiling on how affordable we could make computers,” he says. “Value and price was still important, but there was an emerging segment that really valued premium products. That premium price had been ignored for a long time after that.”

Dell was among the first major companies that suffered from that dramatic shift in the marketplace. The company’s profits started to tumble, shareholders revolted, and debate ensued over whether Michael Dell, the company’s founder, should still be in charge. After a nasty war with activist investor Carl Icahn, Dell eventually made his company private in 2013. He promised at the time that the $25 billion deal would allow him to sell more products and take more chances. It took Dell just months to ask Azor—who co-founded Alienware, a favorite PC brand among gamers that Dell acquired in 2006—to take over XPS and compete with Apple’s cool factor. Dell also gave Azor’s team “leeway to be innovative and experiment.”

“Here we are today after seeing a strategy adjustment in 2014 that was to focus on building really innovative and badass notebooks,” he says. “But we were going to start focusing on doing it at a price point to disrupt the market.”

Disruption—and taking on Apple—is at the core of the XPS strategy. Earlier this year, Dell unveiled the XPS 13, a svelte, high-end notebook aimed at the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It promptly won design awards and became a popular option for Windows shoppers. Last week, Dell upped the ante again by improving the XPS 13. More importantly, it showcased the XPS 12, a 2-in-1 hybrid featuring a high-end display and sleek design.

The company’s new XPS 15 laptop comes with a 4K Ultra HD display, the latest-generation Intel Core processors, and solid graphics performance. Dell believes the XPS line is “best-in-class,” topping standards, like Apple’s MacBook Pro, on design and performance. But arguably the most important feature, Azor says, is Dell’s decision to offer the XPS 15 at a starting price of $999. The XPS 12 and XPS 13 go for $999 and $799, respectively. Comparably equipped MacBook Pros can be hundreds of dollars more expensive.

“People will think XPS is cool because they will be amazed [by the experience],” Azor says. “We want to get the PC back to being cool again. There’s a great amount of innovation and technology going into our products. Even greater than what Apple is doing.”

Still, Dell has no confusion about its place in the market. The company is the world’s third-largest PC maker behind Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard. In the premium, “cool” end of the market, Azor admits that Dell is “definitely not ahead of Apple,” adding that the Mac maker has a “head start” that spans more than a decade. Over that period, as Apple has become the “cool” device maker, Dell made mistakes it’s now trying to address.

“I think XPS is a symbol of our commitment to innovation and building trust again,” says Azor. “Building trust with customers over time that we may have disappointed.” Building trust, which Apple has already done with its Mac brand, is no easy task. For the last several years, Dell has been standing in the shadow of Apple’s Macs, and not even the company’s new XPS line has changed that. Dell, in other words, is a decided underdog with significant work ahead of it just to have its XPS line viewed as a credible competitor to Apple. However Azor doesn’t view that as a major issue and accepts that Dell needs to work hard to reach its goals.If you any query kindly contact to our Dell computer technical support phone number

“We’re of the attitude that we’re the underdog, we never think we’re winning, and never rest on our laurels or take our successes for granted,” he says. “We’re already working on the next version of all of this stuff and the next version beyond that.” Sign up for Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter about the business of technology.

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

You Can Now 3-D Print a Toupee

Researchers have figured out how to use a 3-D printer to make plastic hair of varying thicknesses for things like toys and brushes.

In a pinch and need a new paintbrush, or perhaps a hairpiece?

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have come up with a method for using 3-D printers to fabricate plastic hair—a technique they call “furbrication” that’s similar to what happens when you pull a hot glue gun away from an object it has been touching.

Typically, 3-D printers take a substrate like metal or plastic and add one layer on top of another, following the instructions of a model made with modeling software, to build an object like a chess piece.

To create the hair, the researchers, led by graduate student Gierad Laput, instruct the printer head—which is the part of the 3-D printer technical support phone number that layers the substrate—to dot the surface of a model with a little ball of melted plastic. Then, instead of adding another layer as it usually would, the printer head pulls away. As it does, a thin, soft string of plastic forms between the printer head and the model’s surface.

When this is repeated over and over, as this video the researchers made demonstrates, a clump of hair, fur, or brush bristles forms; length and thickness are ultimately determined by how fast and far away the printer head pulls from the surface. A paper on the work will be presented in November at a conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Today, 3-D printers can cost as low as a couple hundred dollars. This has opened up the potential for people to design and manufacture objects, from garden gnomes to jewelry, right from their garage. But in comparison to what makers hope 3-D printing will be capable of—printing circuit boards or replacement bones, for instance—it still has a long way to go

Given that, Laput hopes this technique will make it possible to 3-D print things as frivolous as troll dolls with wavy hair and as useful as brushes and perhaps a form of Velcro.

Laput says that folks who already have a 3-D printer—even a cheap one—can do this at home by using add-ons for modeling software that the group developed, which let users specify the type of hair.

The group used PLA plastic, one of the cheapest and most basic additive printing substrates. The hope is to someday use something more complicated, like metal, which Laput believes would lead to even more applications.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Reason for the Edge of Remote Computer Support and Services

Remote computer support and service has become a buzzword in the recent decade. Of late, its popularity has increased exponentially in USA. Here is the analysis of the possible reasons that might have triggered the wider acceptability of this mode of service:
Ø Convenience: Convenience is irrefutably one of the most important reasons why the people of today confide on the remote computer service. In USA, people get hardly any time to do even their important things, let alone putting their troubled PCs on their hands and roaming around the street in the hope that at least one local computer centre will be able to mend their PC . Even if they are not required to go to a shop with their PCs, they do require to wait for an engineer or technician putting their important things-to-do in suspended animation.
On the other hand, getting the service of a remote provider is quite easy. In order to get support, all that you need to do is to make a call on the toll free number provided by the company on its website. You can make a call to the company any time whenever you start getting problem with your computer system, as it is open all hours of the day and all days of the week. The moment your phone is picked, you start getting support for your problem thick and fast.

Ø Cost Effective: The services of the online computer support prove to be quite cost effective. A company, with the help of this type of service, gets empowered to do more with less resources, as the need to keep more staff to get them deputed for the multiple tech support tasks at a number of doorsteps gets eliminated. In this mode of support, only a single technician can handle a number of remote-screen sharing sessions and manage lots of tech support cases. In this way, the new version reduces the operating cost of a company substantially.

On the other hand, the very purpose of the local computer centres is extorting the money from the Credulous Customers. The engineers and technicians employed in the local centres never say no to any problem, a computer user comes with. They show utmost confidence on solving the protracted problems in front of the users, but when it really comes to show their mettle, they lag far behind. After holding the computer for weeks, they just seem to do something. That’s it. You can only hope for the good days ahead. But, no substantial let up in your computer system. They only eye for extorting money under the garb of Correcting your Computer.

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Compelling reasons to go for Online PC Repair

If you are a resident of USA, the next time, when you have a problem in your PC and you’re looking for assistance, try for an online option instead. Today, there are varieties of companies  that provide top-notch services of Online PC repair.  The popularity of these services are increasing day by day and has become the smart answers when people question themselves “Who will fix my PC?”
Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should go for online services instead of onsite one:
·        Round the clock Support: Whether it’s daytime or 3’o clock in the wee hour, the online services are open 24*7 for your help. It provides you instant support when you require it, you don’t need to wait for the company to open up in the morning to get the work done. This round the clock availability is one of the biggest advantages of the online computer repair services.
·        Transparent Services:  As online PC repair does not require handing over your computer to the technician, it does offer a great deal of transparency. The repair is done at your end; therefore you can see the techniques or process the technician is using. There is nothing fishy about the work and apart from this, you have a great chance to learn so that you can carry out the general repair by yourself.
·        Within your budget:  As the online PC repair services don’t need to waste their money in setting up a cool office and in the travelling expense. So, both the time and money is saved, which is transferred to the customers in form of low repair cost. The online services are quite reasonable when compared to onsite services. Apart from this, several plans are available so that you can find the service that fits into your budget.
·        Lightning fast response: Online Support Companies offer you a quick response as they have a team of expert technicians who are available for help. They will attend to your problems  almost in the wink of an eye and try to provide the solution as quickly as possible.
·        Expert Technicians: Today, the technicians are looking for work that offer them freedom and less hassle. As Online PC Repair service provide this all, more and more talented technicians are joining the companies that offer online support. So you get service from experts at an affordable pricing.

The online PC repair is quick, economical, and best in quality. So the next time when you wonder “Who is going to fix my PC?” find for a reliable online support company. Techlemda is a great company working in this regard. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Most Sought-after Lenovo Laptop Tech Support and Services

In the field of laptop, Lenovo is not a new name. It has made its presence felt among its users. But, all is not well with Lenovo. From time-to-time it does start showing signals of coming under the threat of malicious programs. If you are among those who are willing to get the best quality Lenovo laptop tech support, opting for the services provided by Tech Lemda will prove to be not less than a boon for you. Our highly skilled, competent and capable technicians spend as much time as necessary in order to fix your problem. Log on to the website of the company in order to know about its services in detail

Qualitative Tech Support for Sony at your Doorstep

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Are you among those who are willing to get the tech support for Sony? Have you not been able to get it till now? If your answer to these questions is an emphatic yes, opt for the services provided by TechLemda.